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Dr. Zhijiang Chen ( C J ), DAOM, LAc

C J Herbal Remedies, INC.
Phone/Text: (630) 885-6558
Website: www.CJHerbalRemedies.com
e-mail: cjchen525@cjherbalremedies.com

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Office is closed temporarily.

Phone consultation is open 7 days a week:
Click Forms, print the consultation forms, fill them out, sign the consent form, make an e-file, and email the forms to Dr. Chen.

Dr. Chen will call back as soon as possible to do the phone consultation.
Herbal formula products will be sent to clients via UPS.
Consultation includes general chronic conditions and support for special cough conditions. Click Testimonies to read about different cases.

1776 Legacy Circle, Suite 102
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone/Text: (630) 885-6558
Email: cjchen525@cjherbalremedies.com
Office is closed due to COVID. Phone consultation is open.
We service Chicago, greater Chicago suburbs, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and other areas.
Long Distance Phone Consultation is available.